Walk 21

Munich is looking forward to hosting the “XIV International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities”, short “Walk21”, from 11 – 13 September 2013 for the first time in Germany. Walk21 (www.walk21.com) is the world’s most significant conference series on promoting walking. Its aim is to increase quality of life in communities and cities.

In order to reach this goal, Walk21 2013 addresses experts from the areas of public administration and politics, consultancies, research institutions and NGOs. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share ideas and to network with national and international practitioners.


Walk21 Munich: Walking Connects!

Connect ideas – raise awareness – present solutions. The motto of Walk21 Munich is “Walking Connects!”.

The conference stands for the active exchange of experiences and ideas. 600-700 participants from about 40 countries are expected to attend. Innovative approaches will be discussed in more than 150 panels, breakout sessions and walkshops.

Central topics will be the establishment of walking as a key issue of urban and transport planning, pedestrian-friendly design and re-allocation of public space, better (digital) information, but also the promotion of health and road safety as basic elements of a walking culture.

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