Urban Agenda is of highest significance for Eurotowns and all medium sized cities

After the consultation on “The urban dimension of EU policies – key features of an EU Urban Agenda” (see attached the Reflections on an EU urban agenda from Eurotowns) the network is still monitoring the work on Urban Agenda.

In Riga, on June 10th, 2015, the Ministers responsible for territorial cohesion and urban matters have provided political support to the development of the EU Urban Agenda. The Riga Declaration recognises the need to work towards an EU Urban Agenda that  considers the urban dimension in European and national policies. As agreed in the Riga Declaration the Urban Agenda will be taken forward in a close cooperation among member states, European Commission, cities and other stakeholders.

The next step after the Riga Declaration is to identify the themes which will be part of the Urban Agenda. An important part of the Urban Agenda will involve partnerships among Member States, the European Commission, urban authorities and other stakeholders supporting cities in tackling concrete challenges on a few priority areas in a concerted and innovative way. In order to identify possible themes from a Member State perspective for the Urban Agenda the Netherlands have sent out a survey to UDG members and observers. Most UDG members and observers have provided input for this survey. …


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