URBACT Children Drawing Contest – Draw your Ideal City!

The second edition of the European Cooperation day will take place on 21 September 2013 and surrounding days. This campaign organised by INTERACT  highlights the role of cooperation across borders in the European Union and with its neighbours – a celebration of all the benefits European Territorial Cooperation brings to people across Europe. The 2012 edition was a great success: European Cooperation Day was celebrated through over 280 local events, brought to you by 72 programmes in almost 40 countries. It was an opportunity to discover all the improvements local cooperation initiatives have brought to various aspects of your daily life; from creating jobs, to improving health care services, transport, energy and environmental protection.

Within the framework of this event, the URBACT Secretariat is organising at URBACT programme level a European transnational drawing contest with children from URBACT partner cities.
Children coming from your cities will be asked to draw their ideal city.
Drawings will have to be sent to URBACT Secretariat in paper versions by 1 July, 2013 (it is already just around the corner)
Drawings will then be displayed during the URBACT Summer University in Dublin (29-31 August, 2013) in a dedicated exhibition. Summer University Participants will be invited to vote for their favourite drawing.
A promotional campaign of the drawings will also take place on our URBACT website. Website visitors will vote for their favourite drawing (1- 21 September 2013). The results of the voting process and the name of the winner will be announced on URBACT website, social media and Cooperation day website on 20 September.  Winning drawing will also be displayed and promoted on URBACT website and social media tools.

To do this contest we need your help! If your city belongs to an URBACT project, please contact some schools or class of your city and ask them to participate in this contest. You can choose to contact several schools or just do it in an informal way and ask your kids’ teacher to participate.

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