The URBACT II project ENTER.HUB has been approved for the Implementation Phase

The thematic network ENTER.HUB, European Network exploiting Territorial Effects of Railway Hubs and their Urban Benefits, co-financed under the URBACT II programme, has recently been approved for the Implementation Phase.

The ENTER.HUB network intends to create a network of medium sized cities sharing the opportunities and challenges derived from the presence of existing or planned transportation hub of regional relevance, (i.e. high speed stations or major transport interfaces). The network aims to support cities in re-defining their territorial, infrastructural and transport systems, planning functions and activities to satisfy the territorial, economical and social needs and strengthen new linkages with different EU regions, as a base of competiveness and innovation transfer. These objectives will be reached through a series of Thematic Workshops at transnational level, and the creation of Local Support Groups in each partner’s city, which will bring to the development of a Local Action Plan.

The first phase, involving 5 partners, with a duration of 6 months, closed in October 2012. The Implementation phase, with a duration of 27 months (February 2013 – April 2015), will involve an enlarged partnership with 12 cities.

Among them, 3 are members of the Eurotowns network: Reggio Emilia, the Lead Partner and actual President city of Eurotowns and Ulm, involved since the first phase, and Girona, which joined the partnership in the second phase.

The City of Ulm will host the Kick Off meeting, on 18th and 19th April 2013.

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