The Next Generation -Eco2Mobility

Kent council, UK, is delighted to invite you to ‘Eco2Mobility ‘The Next Generation’ – a European workshop about childhood wellbeing and safe, healthy travel. 

The workshop will be held in the Lecture Theatre, Sessions House on 19th  June 2014 from 10am-4pm.A recent UNICEF report about childhood well-being concluded that out of 25 countries in the EU, the UK scores 21st demonstrating that action needs to be taken and we have a lot to learn from our French, Belgian and Dutch partners.

A common issue that fuels these statistics is that children in the UK are not going outside anymore. Children are driven to school, they no longer walk or cycle. The iPad and PlayStation has much greater appeal than a game of football in the park or a day exploring the natural environment. Children are losing their connection to the outdoors and this could have serious consequences for future generations.For our communities and economies to grow and thrive, the next generation must be a healthy and active one, if they are not we may have the first generation whose life expectancy will be lower than their parents.Being active is a lifestyle choice and starting from an early age is essential – this workshop will tackle the issues the next generation face and will inspire exchanges that will make a difference to their future.

Delegates at Eco2Mobility ‘The Next Generation’ will be parents, teachers, professionals from the UK and Europe as well as groups of children, who will inform and stimulate discussion on the barriers they face and how we can tackle them.

At 6pm on 18 June, the evening before the workshop, I also invite you to a screening of Project Wild Thing in the Lecture Theatre Sessions House. This is an inspirational documentary about one man’s mission to promote nature to the young people of our nation and the barriers that we face. David Bond, creator and producer of Project Wild Thing, will be speaking at the workshop the following day.Following the programme

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