The new strategy of the network

The City of Schiedam hosted the annual General Assembly of Eurotowns Network for 2012. Also this year the majority of the members (13 of 16 cities were represented at the meeting) attend the General Assembly in Schiedam.

The General Assembly debates and decides the overall program of the network and the policy direction for the future, based on recommendations made by the Executive Council.

The work-report 2012 was presented with a description of the main activities and actions taken by the network provided: the ordinary management of the network activities by the Secretariat; the regular meetings of the Executive Council (February in Brussels, May and September in Reggio Emilia, and Schiedam in October) and the activities of the Task Team.

The leaders of each Task Team presented the main topics and activities for 2012 (meeting, position papers, project presented) and relaunch the new TT workplan activities for 2013. The City of Jyvaskyla presented a proposal for re-open the Innovation Task Team, already leaded by its, for 2013 identifying the Innovation as key driver of the EU 2020 strategy.

The Municipality of Gavle is available to host at the beginning of 2013 a meeting to re-open the Sustainability Task Team.

More information and details of the task team activities and all the presentation are available on the TASK TEAM WEBPAGE.

During the General Assembly was presented the new Eurotowns web site, that is the result of one year of work done by the Secretariat with the support and contribution of all member. The website has a new graphic version, new contents more in line with new technological tools and platform.

The new strategy of the network, was the main topic disused during the General Assembly. The Municipality of Reggio Emilia, as the new President of Eurotowns, together with the Eurotowns Executive Committee, have decided to launch an exercise to revitalize the network. It commissioned Aurora Knowledge Capital, trading as Kneeshaw Consulting, to prepare and facilitate a brainstorming meeting to start a process to revitalize the network and in particularly align activity with the EU policy landscape and strengthen Eurotowns ’s ability to add value for small and medium sized cities.

The work started with the preparation of a short survey for members to gauge member views on core Eurotowns issues and priorities and the result of those survey were collected and disused during the brainstorming session, leaded by Kneeshaw Consulting, last 10/11 September 2012 in Reggio Emilia.

Some of the key questions disused and analyzed in the survey are:

  • How can Eurotowns help small and medium sized cities achieve their vision for 2020?
  •  How does Eurotowns align its activities with EU 2020 and the EU landscape?
  • What is the unique selling point and added value of Eurotowns membership?
  • How can Eurotowns improve as a learning network?

Both during the first phase of filled in the survey and in the following stages of discussion and brainstorming, there was an high participation and involvement by all members, to underline the great interest off all in the renewal of the network.

More details on the “Report of Eurotowns Brainstorm” will be available on the website in the next days.


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