The Eurotowns Mobility Task Team has presented FOOT project

The FOOT project has been proposed under the LIFE+ programme – call 2012, last 26th September. The project idea was born form the Eurotowns Mobility Task Team, composed by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia (IT) –Eskilstuna (SE), Hasselt (BE), Molndal (SE) and Gavle (SE).

General project objective: to Contribute to the EU commitments under UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol, including the EU GHG emission reduction commitments in 2020 under the Climate Energy Package. This has to be reached by increasing walkability and reducing car use in EU small and medium sized cities through the development, in 5 EU cities, of Walkability Action Plans and through the testing of 5 different pilot experiences to increase walkability index.

The aim of the project is thus to:

  • Reduce the number of cars and thus of CO2 emissions by increasing the number of people shifting from cars to walking in small and medium sized cities, which often have significant problems of traffic congestion. This will be possible with a set of pilot actions addressing different issues linked to walking: information (on time, routes), urban environment, connection with local transport, awareness on benefits of walking.
  • Implement innovative policy approaches integrating the needs of pedestrians in mobility and planning policies: this will be reached thanks to a cooperation strategy, at the local level, among policy makers and managers (but involving also stakeholders and representatives of civil society) committed to the development of Walkability Action Plan, that are long-term policy planning instruments committing local governments in fostering walkability of their cities.
  • Make the cities more attractive for walking, by experimenting innovative paths and connection with local transports in order to create not only a more attractive environment, but also in order to increase safety and security for walkers.
  • Equip other local governments with a packaged solution to replicate the process followed (audit, establishment of policies, monitoring of policies effectiveness) in other cities
  • Define methodologies for properly assess walkability in cities
  • Increase the knowledge of public managers on the needs of pedestrians

PARTNERS are: Municipality of Reggio Emilia (IT) – Lead Partner, Municipality of Eskilstuna (SE), Municipality of Hasselt (BE), Municipality of Molndal (SE), Municipality of Gavle (SE).

Total proposed budget: 1.437.860 €


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