Sustainable and creative cities

Medium-sized cities joining Eurotowns can be now inspired from Flanders’ ideas for a sustainable future.

The Government of Flanders is promoting great changes in urban policy to stimulates cities to evolve into sustainable and creative places. It promotes innovation, knowledge development and exchange of experience between all those who are involved in building sustainable cities.

Even Eurotowns members, Hasselt and Kortrijk, are active part of this new kind of policy. Public transport and shopping are key words for Hasselt: the city centre is going to be more ecologic and free from stress for customers and citizens. Due to increasing number of people living in this town and businesses opening their doors, the city has developed CityDepot, a (logistics) service centre on the outskirts of town.

Kortrijk, whose aim is becoming a city of innovation creation and design, is improving its network of connections on Buda Island, where organizations of various sectors such as arts, economy, entrepreneurship, education and creative meet.

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