Is where all partners  meet once a year (autumn). The Assembly debates and decides the overall programme of the network and the policy direction for the future, based on recommendations made by the Executive Council. The General Assembly also provides a forum for policy debate and establishes the basis for the definition of the network’s political agenda.

It is the body competent to follow the work progress and ensure the implementation of all General Assembly decisions. The Executive Council is composed by 5 members of the Eurotowns Network and by the President and two vice Presidents. They  meet on trimestrial basis checks to discuss daily management of the network/ controll network priorities/ check on major relevant events/ promotes networking actions/ partnership enlargement.

Work is organised around task teams:

  • Carry out the work program of the network based on the key challenges as defined by the general Assembly or the Executive Council;
  • Work in a specific area or subject through confrontation / round tables / surveys and report progress to the Executive Council;
  • Evaluate the possibility of accessing external sources of finance for the work.

Task teams receive network funding in order to develop project ideas of to implement studies and researches, facilitate confrontation.

The Executive council (2016-2018) is composed by:

Municipality of Sindelfingen (Germany)

Municipality of Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Municipality of Schiedam (Netherlands)

Executive Council Members
Municipality of Gävle (Sweden)
Municipality of Hasselt (Belgium)
Municipality of Hastings (United Kingdom)
Municipality of Sabadell (Spain)
Municipality of Varberg (Sweden)

Network main bodies rotate every 2 years and are elected by the General Assembly.

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