Sindelfingen meets – Schiedam Study visit on disaster and crisis management

On September 12tha delegation of Sindelfingen is visiting Schiedam to get to know its structures of disaster and crisis management.

Big fires, flood or an air crash are examples of catastrophes which can happen at any time. In highly industrialized regions there exists the additionaldanger of an escape of poison gas or similar. Therefore, a very well organized management is necessary to prevent great damage or even fatalities.

Eurotowns as a network is about theexchange of experiences and learning from each other. In this regard the study visit aims at improving the management of disasters and crises in both cities. For this, the delegation of Sindelfingen, consisting of the mayor Dr. Bernd Vöhringer, the alderman Mr Christian Gangl, the manager of the regulatory agency MsTatjanaScheerle and the manager of the European office, Ms Eva-Maria Kocher, wants to learn from the crisis management of Schiedam.

In particular theyare invited by the mayor of Schiedam,MrCorLamers, the aldermanMr Mario Stam, the coordinator of European affairs, Ms Leonie Hulshof, the manager crisis organization,Mr Marco CarisandMs Suzan Deegeling, coordinator crisis organization.

As an idea of further networking in this topic, Sindelfingen considers to invite a delegation of Schiedam in 2014.

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