Report of the General Assembly 2013

On 17th October, the city of Hasselt hosted the General Assembly of Eurotowns, during  an international lighting branch conference organized in the framework of the EU programme “Europe for Citizens” from 17th to 19th October.“Light in the City”

Considering that Europe facing a great change the cities are called to have a stand on this expressing their position, Eurotowns started a process to relaunch the international spirit of the network and the actions to be implemented in the framework of the upcoming 2014-2020 programming period.

The members have started a discussion on a statement to better communicate Eurotowns at the European level. The document is targeted to  medium sized cities policy makers  and to EU representatives ( MEPs Commissioners ect).   The aim of  the document is to highlight in a few words or “motto” the added value brought by  Eurotowns. It stresses the role of the network in favoring external relations of medium size cities, underling the key role these cities play in shaping Europe.

During the General Assembly 2 new cities joined the network: the City of Pforzheim (Germany) and the City of Hasting (UK), soon and the website will be available the description of the new cities.

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