On tour for Europe: Bringing youth step by step to active citizenship and job-creation

On Tour for Europe is offering help and EU-funding possibilities for creating job opportunities for and entrepreneurship by youngsters in a cooperation between partners of nine different countries.
The project is about exchanging best practises, stimulate all partners to find the best ways to successful initiatives, where possible involving citizens and particularly youth, and most of all, and discovering the existing possibilities for obtaining EU-money for the realisation of the projects. EU is indeed offering lots of opportunities, If you know the way! En there On Tour for Europe is offering help.

In four consecutive conferences OTE put accent on how to be informed, enter into a dialogue and participate on EU-policy and funding possibilities towards sustainable job opportunities and entrepreneurship by youngsters. (Kaunas, Lithuania, September 2015; Abegondo, Spain, April 2016; Hasselt / Brussels, Belgium, September 2016; Detmold, Germany, November 2016)

The conferences are not just a being together form participants send by the partners and visits of already excising projects. We invite also EU bodies, EU-politicians and experts to share their experience and give their input for future funded initiatives.

In this EU-funded Europe for citizens project, four Eurotowns members are participating: Schiedam, Reggio Emillia, Detmold and (LP) Hasselt.

Details about the next conference: A B E G O N D O  (Spain)

Thursday 28 April 
• Round Table “Impact of programs / EU projects in local communities”  speakers from EU-level to local authority.
• Visit to the primary School language-project
• Farm house: explanation on the project ‘Galina Piniera’
   Lunch at the Inn Museum “Xentes no Camino”, in Presedo (Abegondo) 
• Visit and experiences of the EU-funded Lupulus project  in Presedo Abegondo and EU“Vino de la Tierra de Betanzos” in Paderne
• Visit to the medieval village of Betanzos, city of the Knights

Friday 29 April 
• Introduction on youth guarantee plan & implementation in small groups & Explanation on Europe Direct
• Concrete solutions in working groups
• Presentation of projects by other partners: Kaunas, St Omer, Deal Community/Oraiokastro and Hasselt
Lunch at the restaurant “O Garaxe” Crenes (Abegondo)
•  Presentation of agrifood park project Abegondo
• Closing ceremony with local and regional authorities in the field of youth and employment

Please check the  Facebook group ‘On Tour for Europe’  for more information or mail: Leen.Scheelen@hasselt.be

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