“On Tour for Europe”

The project “On Tour for Europe” was ended in march 2017 , within the Europe for Citizens program (Strand 2: Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation 2.2: Network of Towns) that saw the lead partner, the City of Hasselt, exchanging experiences with the cities of Reggio Emilia, Saint-Omer, Abegondo, Schiedam, Detmold, Kaunas, ORAIOKASTROU on a topic very close to those cities, as to say the participation in European political life in terms of job opportunities and youth entrepreneurship.

Throughout the project, each partner was able to contribute to the realization of the 4 project conferences by presenting their own experiences and good practices, actively interacting and debating with other partner cities.
4 of the cities participating in the EUROTOWNS network took part in the project, participation that represented an important opportunity to share their practices and local interventions during the conferences also with other cities that are not members of the EUROTOWNS network-based. Following the result of the meeting eevent.


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