Mobility task team report

The meeting was attended by representatives from Hasselt (B), Gävle (Sw), Manresa (Sp), Girona (Sp), Aubagne et d’Etoiles (Fr) and Tallinn (Est).

Manresa presented the general features of the town, and the strategy on mobility and town planning/ POUM.

Workshops stressed topics as awareness campaigns in medium sized cities. The participating cities presented own successful actions. In most cities children and school groups are an important target group. Besides one way information by the use of leaflets, flyers and posters, the cities are putting emphasis on thinking together, co management and co responsibility with their inhabitants and/or visitors.  Some examples are mobility councils and even a referendum about mobiltythemes.

The (EU-) mobility week is used as a possibility to show the inhabitants what is already going on about (smart) mobility in the own city, to launch new policy’s and activities and invite people to discover better solutions for the own mobility methods. After an exchange of best practices for content and promotion, the cities concluded to go for a further exchange of best practices and invite also other cities (members and non members of EUROTOWNS) to send an illustrations and a short text about best practices to the secretary so that they can be published on the Eurotowns-website and act as a source of inspiration for all.

All cities are struggling with parking policies, and do that each on a total different way. One city is giving priority for Park&Ride, another is building additional parking’s in the city centre, while a third one is putting no more efforts on new parking, but giving more attention for the comfort of bikers. A question that was raised, was how to act with shopping malls around the cities and causing a lot of additional traffic and need for huge parking lots.

Cities are informed about the EU-call ‘Do the right mix’.

The next meeting of the Taskteam Mobility will be held in Gävle, on Tuesday 28 May (9 – 18 h), the day before the EPOMM conference. On the agenda a presentation of Mobility policy and –projects (including parking policy) in Gävle, discuss the idea’s send in as possible best activities for a Mobility week in a medium sized city, point of view on traffic- and parking situations caused by shopping malls. 

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