Mobility Task Team in the city of Manresa

Next March 18/19  the City of Manresa will host the second meeting in 2013 for the Mobility Task Team. During the meeting will be presented Manresa city and its local mobility policy, by mobility managers and external experts. Following a focus on awareness campaigns of each city present and a common strategies for local mobility week

At the meeting will attend representative from Hasselt (coordinator of the Task Team), Eskilstuna, Manresa, and Girona. The Municipality of Aubagne and Tallinn are invited at the meeting to improve the contribution at the work of Eurotowns Task Team .

Future meeting are scheduled in Gavle on May 27th during the ECOMM 2013 – the 17th European Conference on Mobility Management.



Monday 18th March

13:30 h: Welcome by the mayor, Mr. Valentí Junyent, and the mobility city councillor, Mr. Ramon Bacardit

14. 15 h: Presentation of Manresa city and its local mobility policy, by mobility managers and external experts:

– Some socioeconomic data and general features of Manresa, by Joan Oliveras (architect of FORUM, SA)
– Contributions of the Municipal Urban Plan (POUM) to the current road system, by Àlex Quintín (POUM office)
– Manresa Mobility Plan, best practices and future actions, by Queralt Torres (municipal mobility manager)
– Other Catalan local mobility policies: Conclusions of the AMTU, by Marc Verachtert

16.00 h: Site visit

18:00 h: Workshop 1: Awareness campaigns of each city:

– Manresa introduction about methods already realised or planned to inform the public about all this, raise awareness and ownership of a smart mobility
– Partner presentations: 5 minutes PowerPoint presentations (max 10 slides), highlighting the best practices already performed in the city regarding introduction of a general mobilityplan or specific actions on introduction 30 km zones, improving walking, biking, bustransport, parkingbehavior,
Ending the presentation with reflections (do’s and don’ts) and a proposal to do even better. When possible foresee material which can be distributed as example (flyers, posters, goodies, …)


Tuesday 19th March

8.30 h: State of art past TTM-works and agreements, highlighting:
– STEER (IEE Call)
– Network Free public Transport

9.00 h: Conference: New tendencies of public participation in mobility/ public space/accessiblity (3 Catalan cases), by Sergi Comellas (consultant)


10.00 h: Workshop 2: Common strategies for local mobility week:
– Develop a common strategy for a local mobility week, brainstorm about content, promotion
– Partner presentation: 5 minutes PowerPoint presentations about the mobility week that took already place in the city, highlighting the goals and target groups, promotion that happened, the activities that were offered, some pictures about the event(s) and a short evaluation of this mobility week.

11.15 h: Parking strategy:
– Presentation of parking strategy in the cities attending the meeting

– Partner presentations, highlighting the parking policy and –strategy in the city. Successes and disappointments, relation with other means of transport for innercitymobility, …
– Summarising common topics, needs and policy.
– Defining a method to work around this topic, marking goals

12.30 h: Summary and next meeting:
– Summary from this meeting, agreements about next steps (who, what, when)
– Next meeting in Gävle (Tuesday 28 May), draft agenda
– Web-working and forecast summer or autumn meeting


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