Mobility Task team in Gavle

On 28 th of May the task team mobility gathered and discussed mobility subject in medium sized cities, a day before the start of the ECOMM conference in the same city. Cities that attended the meeting were Gavle, Mölndal and Eskilstuna -Sweden-, Manresa -Spain- and Hasselt -Belgium.

The group made acknowledge with the mobility policy of Gavle, by presentations and site visits. Goals of the city are to reduce the car use of inhabitants from 64% now to 34% in 2025, with a strong increase of biking (14 > 33 %) and use of public transport and walking (21 > 33 %).


In a workshop experiences of traffic- and parking situations of shopping malls were discussed and analysed.

Nevertheless shopping malls are so close to city centers and/or stations (2 – 6 km), they are all car orientated. This autumn the TTM will collect experiences (advices) for focusing more on a relation with public transport, bikes (and pedestrians), taking in account that this has advantages for the mall (less ground use and investment in parking equipment, more customers on the same surface, ..) and for the clients (financial profits, comfort, …)


In a second workshop, different activities already integrated and or planned for Mobility weeks and – days were presented and evaluated.The best idea’s will be brought together on the Eurotowns website, to inspire each other and also other cities.

The meeting was informed that three Eurotowns members are partners in an IEE-application ‘CIT-COM. The aim of the project is to further refine, to implement and to spread a sustainable and economically viable Urban Consolidation Centre (UCC), combined with the use of environmentally friendly vehicles to do the last mile delivery.The CIT-COM concept is a stakeholder oriented concept inspired by the CityDepot UCC in Hasselt (BE). ?The ambition to apply again for a (LIFE+) project on walkability (FOOT) was stopped because of remarks expressed by the EU-officers. The group expressed the will to keep the collaboration for next common mobility topics that can lead to EU-projects.

Next meetings in 2013 will be organised via skype or mail. Next fysical meetings are scheduled for 2014. Topics will be continue cooperation around shopping malls, cycliing, ..

Medium sized citis that like to be informed or invited to this meetings are requested to take contact with the secretary of Eurotowns: :

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