Mobility Management – Policy goals and ambitions

Eurotowns Mobility Task Team – Eskilstuna – 3-5 September 2014



Wednesday 3th September

19.00 Gathering in the Town Hall and welcome from Magnus Johansson, Councilor with responsibility for Town Planning.

19.30 presentation on the INVOLVE project, a 3 years INTERREG IVC project, promoting the involvement of the private sector in Mobility Management.


Thursday 4th September

08.30 – Introduction and welcome (Dag Johansson, head of the Town Planning Department, Marc Verachtert, Hasselt and Olov Åslund, Eskilstuna)

09.00 – Combining parking and mobility management in Eskilstuna, Petter Skarin, Eskilstuna.

10.15 – Summary results from the survey, Marc Verachtert, Hasselt

10.30 – Presentation of the cities (max 10 slides, max 10 min each)

General characteristics of the city: surface and perimeters, inhabitants, population density, jobs, number of students, number of cars per inhabitant, division of the modal split.
Which priorities does the city have? Which policy goals and ambitions? For example: Quality of life and attraction of the centre, climate and public health, accessibility and permeability.
To which level are there problems regarding mobility and parking?
Give 3 strong points and 3 weak points of the parking policy in your city.
Which measure or policy, which your city took, would you recommend?
Which measure or policy would you like to reverse?
Which other city is an example for your city?
Within your own country (give 2 arguments);
Abroad (give 2 arguments).

11.30 Break down of the results (presented by different cities, according to the results of the survey, followed by Q&A and/or discussions). 20 min/item Moderated / reflected  by Trivector Traffic

Parking pressure, methods for measuring / monitoring, which pressure is (not) acceptable, acceptance of residents / visitors of the city, …
Advantages and disadvantages of restricted ‘parkingzones’ and the use of tariff structures
Successful, but also disappointing experiences in stimulating people to park their cars at a distance (e.g. park & ride, park & bike, park & walk,…)
Special rules for target groups: handicapped drivers, young mothers, women, 65plus, electric cars, …


14:00 – City tour in Eskilstuna with the purpose to show good and bad examples in parking and traffic planning.

16.00 – Master class

A. Marking the hotspots / streets with needs to additional parking area / parking’s in Eskilstuna

B. Creative session ‘Finding innovative solutions to avoid the need for (additional ) parkingspace and/or create (unobtrusive/invisible?) parking places that fits in, in a vibrant /livable city. 

19.00 –  opportunity to visit Eskilstuna Museum of Art.


Friday 5th September

08.30 – Drafting the two/tree best idea’s into concrete proposals (with do’s en donts). Reflecting if this proposals are also acceptable / introducible in the own city?

9.00 – Mobility Management in Eskilstuna, Olov Åslund, Eskilstuna

10.00 – Lecture with experts from Trivector Traffic

11.00 – Conclusion and discussion about future work with parking in the network.

Social media, a tool for Mobility information and –actions. Experiences of the participating cities, first input for a survey on this topic

11.30 – Exchange idea’s for the mobility week in September (around 5 min per city: restricted to general outlines and two or three most attractive activities in details – How and why)

12.00 – Future steps and appointments

12.30 – End of the meeting




Olov Åslund, Project Coordinator för Mobility Management, +46 16 710 11 54 and

Marc Verachtert, Task Team Leader, +32 11 23 96 33 and

We added on Wednesday-evening a presentation about INVOLVE, a 3 years INTERREG IVC promoting the involvement of the private sector in Mobility Management. See:
Know that we will also inform you about the engagement Of Hasselt, in name of our taskteam in an Experts Advisory Group on urban mobility needs for small and medium sized cities within the European project CIVITAS and the Steering group of EMOTIVE, part of a possible Horizon 2020 project. This to show you that we are following as much as possible EU-calls and proposals that can be useful for our Taskteam, read that can lead to applications that brings added value (and financial subventions) for the members.
And about the topic that we launch during this meeting, for the next working period of three months: Know that –thanks to Nubia who informed us about it- we are also trying to connect our next topic, Social media, a tool for Mobility information and –actions, with the call from CIVITAS to cooperate on a policy note. It can bring links to more and better results, and perhaps and again lead to possible. More about this during the meeting and following months.
An internal in Hasselt will contact you in September or October to make a survey to draft the document that will be used as a base for our next master class in November 2014.

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