Human Tech Center magazine

Published twice yearly, showcases the expertise, culture and people to be found in the Jyväskylä Region.

* Aiming to bring about positive change
* From university research to entrepreneurship
* Creativity and entrepreneurship
* Team Academy, a young rebel
* A new model for generating ideas
* The full picture of entrepreneurship
* Toivola Old Courtyard – a journey back in time
* Stepping bravely into an entrepreneur’s shoes
* Cyber attacks – opportunities for business
* Right there where it’s happening
* The magic of the circus
* “Moving my company to Jyväskylä was easy”

This publication is brought to you by: the City of Jyväskylä, with a population of 132 000, is one of Finland’s centres of growth. Recognized as a city of high-quality education, Jyväskylä is also internationally known for the architecture of Alvar Aalto.

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