Hasselt is in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium and is the capital of the province of Eastern Limburg. Thanks to its location, it is not only oriented towards Belgium but also towards the Euroregion; a three-country zone comprised of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Together with Maastricht (Nl), Liège (B), Heerlen (Nl) and Aachen (D), it is one of the most attractive and inspiring cities in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion.

Trade and the hospitality industry are important economic spearheads in Hasselt, which occupies a respectable fourth place on the list of Belgium’s best shopping cities. Shoppers are drawn to the cosy atmosphere of this city, which has developed organically over the years, and the wide range of shops, more than jus large chain stores, but also a plethora of smaller, fashion-forward boutiques. Hasselt’s city logo proclaims the baseline ‘Capital of Taste’. This refers to the city’s fashionable past and present; concentration of high-quality bars, hotels and restaurants; trendsetting architecture; creative companies; adventurous arts and culture policy and well-preserved cultural heritage.

Hasselt provides educational opportunities for all. No fewer than 47,000 students and pupils are registered in schools ranging from playschool to university and/or one of the evening schools that enable life-long learning. Some of the more unusual educational opportunities that are available here include a pop and rock academy, and courses on film animation and game design.

The city is expanding rapidly and is seen as a very attractive location for young families. Since 2000, the number of inhabitants has increased by 7000 people. There is currently no lack of employment opportunities and accommodation. New building projects are providing extra accommodation and childcare, education and recreation facilities are increasing at an equal pace. Available jobs still outnumber the city’s professional population, with most work opportunities being created by the services sector, trade and SMEs.

Via international contacts and collaborations, such as Eurotowns and projects supported by the EU, Hasselt is going for a continuous upgrading of its policy and vision on city developments, job creation, sustainable policy, improved social inclusion and the image of the city.
Ideas and suggestions for cooperation are always welcome!



Contact person for Eurotowns

Leen Scheelen, Coordinator European Projects,
+32 11 239695


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