Hasselt invites students of “Smart Cities” of the University of Girona

After a succesful experience in other cities of Eurotowns such as Sabadell, and Schiedam, the city of Hasselt also decided to invite students of the master of smart cities from the university of Girona to Hasselt. This collaboration contributes to the objective of Hasselt to present itself as a smart city. The goal of this project is to work out innovative and technological solutions which the city services can use in the future to lead the city in an even smarter way.

For Hasselt a smart city means that the provision of services will be organized as efficiently and effectively as possible so that it will be possible in the future for its inhabitants, visitors and businesses to organize their activities in a smarter way. In this case we do it by generating an exchange between knowledge institutions, the government and the business world (the so-called triple helix model). The City of Hasselt will welcome therefore five students and two professors of the University of Girona. The theoretical knowledge of the students will be used to work on diverse city challenges, which are addressed in the following projects: development of digital organisation tools (provision of services), creation of a reward system for the bike action plan (mobility), setting up communication applications regarding universal design (accessibility), definition of models for civic participation (participation) and optimisation of the placement of functional security cameras (safety).

This first visit takes place in February from Monday 6 February until Wednesday 8 February 2017. The second visit will take place on Monday 20 March and Tuesday 21 March 2017. The students will finish their master thesis and deliver concrete results to the city of Hasselt by September 2017.

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