“GREEN DREAM” – Social Photo Contest!

The aim of the European SUM – Sustainable Urban Mobility – Project, of which Reggio Emilia is partner, is to encourage the spread of sustainable urban mobility systems in order to achieve a reduction in pollution levels in our cities, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and a limit to fossil fuel energy dependency.

The Project’s European partners are launching GREEN DREAM, a photo contest targeting people over 14 years of age with the aim of raising awareness amongst citizens of the European Union as to urban mobility and transport issues in addition to the relationship between these and the environment and cities.

You can win an electric bike or an electric bike transformation kit!
In addition, the first ten photos chosen  will receive a contest T-shirt.


Send your PHOTOS by 31/07/2013 to communicationsum@gmail.com


You can find the regulation and application form at:





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