Girona wins European Prize

Last 10th  May 2013 the City of Girona has been distinguished with the Plaque of Honour of the European Prize from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a distinction that was handed to the Municipality of Girona by the President of the Assembly, Mr Jean-Claude Mignon, in the course of the international act of commemoration of Europe Day in Girona.

The distinction of the Europe Prize are aimed at European towns and cities actively committed to the experience of twinning, in case of Girona the twining with Reggio Emilia and, also in Europe, with the City of Albi.

Thank to this recognition we stress and convey the importance and symbolism of twinning between European cities and in particularly between the city of Reggio Emilia and Girona.

The relationship between this two cities start back in 1982 with the signing of the twinning agreement.

Over the years, the two cities have always collaborated closely.


The main areas of interests, in which the Cities are working together: young people , youth associations, mobility and environment. Some examples:


In 2006, Youth Exchange in Girona realized thanks to European funding received for the Twinning projects. A group of young from Reggio Emilia with a politician from Department of School and Youth of the Municipality was hosted in Girona to know the most important local realities related to the associations and youth volunteering. The exchange took as its main purpose the start of collaboration in the field of youth.

2007/2008 Partnership in European exchange project on youth volunteering. This project has involved some of the main reality of associations of the two cities. This project has created a partnership between the Youth Area of Girona and the Youth Office of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.


2009/2011 LAKS project (Local Accountability for Kyoto Goals) Life + program. The aim of the project was to adopt by local authorities a method of environmental accounting for the reduction of CO2 emissions.


2008/2012 MMOVE project (Mobility Management Over Europe) in the framework of Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVC, aimed at supporting an exchange inter-regional and improve the effectiveness of sustainable mobility policies implemented by local authorities to European cities to small and medium size.


Ongoing ENTER.HUB, European Network exploiting Territorial Effects of Railway Hubs and their Urban Benefits, co-financed under the URBACT II programme. The ENTER.HUB network intends to create a network of medium sized cities sharing the opportunities and challenges derived from the presence of existing or planned transportation hub of regional relevance, (i.e. high speed stations or major transport interfaces). The network aims to support cities in re-defining their territorial, infrastructural and transport systems, planning functions and activities to satisfy the territorial, economical and social needs and strengthen new linkages with different EU regions, as a base of competiveness and innovation transfer

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