General Assembly of Eurotowns

Next October 17th in the city of Hasselt, Belgium.
It is always with great pleasure that we inform you that the City of Hasselt (Belgium) will hosting the next Annual General Assembly of Eurotowns next October 17th 2013.
The Annual General Assembly in Hasselt will be during the international event “Light in the City”, taking place from October 17th to 19th 2013.
The Annual General Assembly will be the occasion where to relaunch the international spirit of the network and the actions to be implemented in the framework of the upcoming 2014-2020 programming period.
Considering that Europe facing a great change the cities are called to have a stand on this expressing their position to share it vision and priorities for the years to come.
For any information please contact the Eurotowns secretariat .
Please find following the agenda of the Genaral Assembly

The city of Hasselt and the City of Jyväskylä has the great pleasure to invite you to “Light in the City”, an international lighting branch conference organized in the framework of the EU programme “Europe for Citizens”. The conference takes place from 17th to 19th October in Hasselt, Belgium and will be anticpated by Annual General Assembly of Eurotowsn
The purpose of the event is to give Hasselt and the region the opportunity to share and reflect on their experiences on urban lighting, with a special focus on sustainability. Municipality decision-makers, officials, experts, organizations and others working in the lightung field are invited to attend this event which is also aimed at providing participants with a good networking and learning opportunity.

The event is co-organised by Eurotowns.

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