Executive Council news breafly March 2015

General Assembly& Annual Event will be organized in Reggio Emilia, Italy on 22-23 October 2015

–          Invitation, practicalities and draft agenda will follow. Briefly on the agenda: Arrival on 22  October, GA will be on 23October, 2015.

–          Accommodation is already pre-booked from the hotel: Albergo Morandi, Via Emilia a San Pietro 64. The Secretariat will provide all the logistical details within the end of March.

–          For more information contact: Marianna Roscelli, marianna.roscelli@reggionelmondo.it

–          Note the possibility to combine the meeting with EXPO 2015 organized in Milan.

Mobility task team– results of recent surveys available soon

–          Several Eurotowns cities answered Mobility Task Team’s surveys. The first survey studied e.g. policies on electronic vehicles in Eurotowns and the second use of social media.

–          The survey of social media is open until mid-March, to give your answer contact Marc Verachtert

–          Reports on the surveys will be published on Eurotowns webpages during spring 2015.

–          Mobility Task Team’s Next meeting:  20-22 May, 2015 in Hasselt (TBC).

Contact person: Marc.Verachtert@hasselt.be


Innovation task team– working on three projects / themes:

–          “Cultural innovation in the public administration” a brainstorming meeting in Schiedam on 21-22 May 2015. Main topic: “Changing mindset in the public administration” Meeting target of interest for those interested in leadership, change management and human resource management in municipalities. Teaser question:  “What would a town hall-free city look like?”.  Contact person: Leonie Hulshof, let.hulshof@schiedam.nl;

–          “Green spots to cool” project planning meeting in Hasselt on 18-19 June 2015. Contact person: Marc Verachtert, Marc.Verachtert@hasselt.be;

–          “Cyber security in municipal operations” an inquiry during spring 2015 and as a follow up a meeting for municipal information system experts on 22 September 2015, organized by Jyväskylä. Meeting to be combined with the Cyber security and ICT 2015 fairs organized in the Congress and Trade Fair Centre JyväskylänPaviljonki on 23-25 September, 2015. Contact person: Satu Heikkinen, satu.heikkinen@jkl.fi


Social inclusion task team– looking for a new project

–          Task team is looking for how to continue the work after the EU project “Support and Empowerment for Youth at Risk” in a theme of social inclusion and investigating possibility to apply for EU funding.

–          Task team is planning a study visit to participate European Network of Social Authorities, ENSA’s meeting 17-19 September 2015 in Austria.

Contact person: Birgitta Berg, birgitta.berg7@eskilstuna.se


Creative and Cultural Sector Growth Task Team – at identification phase

–          Focus of the next meeting is development of the city identity and cultural environment through the creative and cultural sector.

–          Next meeting in Gävle 5-6 March, 2015.

Contact person: Ian Sycamore, isycamore@hastings.gov.uk, MAdams-Acton@hastings.gov.uk

What is the value of Eurotowns to medium sized cities – results on the survey

–          A total of 14 of 17 current Eurotowns members answered the survey.

–          According to the survey members are mostly satisfied with Eurotowns and especially the task teams are seen important.

–          An overview on the results is drafted and will be delivered to Eurotowns and a more detailed report will be published before GA in October, 2015.

Contact person: Marc Verachtert, Marc.Verachtert@hasselt.be

Open Days 2015, 12-15 October – Eurotowns submitting proposal to host a workshop

–          Based on the good feedback of workshop during Open Days 2014, Eurotowns, with the  support of City of Schiedam, will again submit a proposal to host a workshop.

–          The theme of workshop is related to a topic “Places and spaces, urban and rural development, urban-rural integration”.

Contact person Leonie Hulshof, let.hulshof@schiedam.nl

Recent EU-projects and proposals

–          SUMPH2020 (aiming at DG Justice, URBACT III) by Reggio Emilia (Eurotowns possibly a dissemination associated partner)

–          MUDDD – Making Urban Developers, Designers, Dreamers by Reggio Emilia (a digital urban farming connecting city’s vegetable gardens through a sensors’ system and a digital social platform)

–          “On tour for Europe” aiming at Europe for Citizens programme by Hasselt


Other issues

–          Invoices for annual fees 2015 will be sent in due course.

–          Eurotowns Secretariat is contact with Mecine network to share experiences in networking of cities

–          List of existing Eurotowns’ contacts in European Parliament is being updated. Update your contacts or to see the list, contact Marianna Roscelli, marianna.roscelli@reggionelmondo.it

Executive Council meetings 2015:

–          17th  June in Hasselt, Belgium

–          22nd  September in Jyväskylä, Finland


More information please contact: Eurotowns Secretariat Marianna Roscelli, marianna.roscelli@reggionelmondo.it


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