Eurotowns members active in ECOWAS

Eurotowns members Mölndal (Sweden) and Hasselt (Belgium) are partners in ECOWAS – RAISING AWARENESS FOR ECO-FRIENDLY BEHAVIOURS IN WASTE COLLECTION PRACTICES, an Europe for Citizens project that runnes from February 2013 until February 2015. Other participating cities are: Abegondo (Spain, Lead Partner), Traversetolo (Italy), Lublin en Sosnowiec (Poland)

In the framework of the EfC Programme, the ECOWAS project aims to promote the dissemination of best practices and eco-friendly behaviours among European citizens by giving them the opportunity to interact in a network of twinned towns, developing a common sense of belonging and establishing a constructive dialogue.

The main action of the project consists in the joint development and dissemination of educational-communicational tools to increase, at all levels of European society, a culture of recycling and re-use, to encourage as much as possible the selection at source of homogeneous fractions of waste, towards the Zero-waste objective.

Outcomes expected from the project are:

  • encouraging a positive and constructive attitude towards separate collection, recycling and re-use of waste;
  • disseminating knowledge with respect to the actors of recycling and waste management services;
  • facilitate a constructive dialogue among stakeholders for an integrated and comprehensive vision of waste management;
  • stimulate the constant evaluation of results and implications of this vision on the European environment and society.


We will convey good European values in eco-friendly behaviours in recycling and reuse. This to make an European identity and bring out good traditions among European citizens. Three methods will be used to gain the target and the target groups. These are seminars, study visits and public events.

1. Seminars. The objective is deepened knowledge of good strategies in waste management. This will give the target group the right tools and motivation to increase percentage of separate waste collection, recycling and reuse among European citizens. We have planned the program with lecturers from university, experts and technical’s. Target group for the seminars are: politicians, technical’s, experts, teachers and pilot groups of citizens.

2. Study visits. The objective is to exchange of best practices for the European citizens. Study visits will be at the pilot communities, collection households, re-use centre for citizens and recycling and treatment plants. Target group for the study-visits are: politicians, staff and pilot groups of citizens.

3. Public events and workshops: The objective is to activate, motivate and give an European identity to European citizens in eco-friendly behaviour in waste and to increase recycling and re-use. Media will be invited to spread the message. Events where the citizens will be active in recycle and re-use. The events will be held at street market, in the cities and at the recycling and re-use centre for citizens. There will be re-use markets, receiving of recyclable waste, eco-contest, fashion show, concert, workshops, exhibition, street-markets, inspirers in eco-friendly behaviour talking with citizens. Work-shops with the pilot group with European citizens at every public event to discuss the best examples and future ideas to communicate, to motivate European citizens and ways to get eco-friendly behaviour in waste. The target group of the public events are: households, citizens and pilot groups of citizens.


For additional details and contact please visit the member page of Hasselt and Mölndal.

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