Eurotowns General Assembly

The Eurotowns Presidency and the City of Girona have the great pleasure to invite you to the Eurotowns General Assembly next 16th and 17th  October 2014. The General Assembly is hosted by the City of Girona at the end of the week dedicated to “Archives and Cultural Industries”.

The event Archives and Cultural Industries (, Girona 11th – 15thOctober 2014, is being organized by Girona City Council, through its Municipal Archive, the International Council on Archives (ICA) and the ICA’s European Branch (EURBICA), in collaboration with various public and private institutions and organizations. Archives and Cultural Industries will host the 2nd Annual Conference of the International Council on Archives, the 9th European Conference on Archives, and the 13th Image and Research Seminar. In this international and vibrant spirit of exchange and knowledge, the General Assembly of Eurotowns for this year will focused on the important role of Cities in Europe to discussed and speak up the voice of medium sized cities in Europe, during an important moment for EU cities and the developing of urban agenda.

“What kind of contribution medium sized cities can bring at EU level?

How can Cities shape European programmes?

What local aspect are missing in EU programmes?

How we can use Eurotowns as a platform?”

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