Eurotowns General Assembly 2015

The Eurotowns Presidency and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia have the great pleasure to invite you to the Eurotowns General Assembly and the Annual Event  which will take place on 22nd  and 23rd October 2015.

The General Assembly is hosted by the City of Reggio Emilia at the end of the semester dedicated to EXPO 2015 in Milan.

In this international and vibrant spirit of exchange and knowledge, the Annual Event of 22nd  October will focus on how medium sized cities can benefit  and take advantage of a huge international event organized nearby their city, as for Reggio Emilia and Milan EXPO 2015.  

The main topic of the General Assembly of Eurotowns for this year is The importance of Innovation and cultural change in local administration”A debate on this topic of Eurotowns’ politicians/elected representatives is included in the agenda. The debate will be animated by Eddy Adams URBACT Thematic Pole Manager (TPM) with responsibility for Social Innovation and Human Capital.

The General Assembly also includes elections for Eurotowns President , Vice-Presidents and Executive Council for the next two year period.


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