Eurotowns: a network for citizens

I attended Eurotowns meeting in Schiedam, last 23-25 October, as a simple and young citizen of Reggio Emilia, 170 000 inhabitants in the north of Italy.

I red about Eurotowns in September, searching information about the activities of my Municipality on the internet and I was quite pleased and curious about this network so I asked the possibility of being part of the Schiedam General Assembly, paying the travel by myself.

The Municipality of Schiedam has been a great host for us and its really kind people, politicians and civil servants, showed us a strong economical reality, that’s been involved in changes and has been able to open new possibilities for the work and the wealth of its citizens.

After taking part in the various types of activities of the network in that 3 days, I can say I’m proud that my town is working in such a network in which the representatives of other European Municipalities are cooperating to build a better Europe starting from problems that influence everyday life as mobility, environmental, social inclusion.

I found a wonderful group who’s trying to define a new way of living small and medium sized cities: since the economical crisis is making more difficult to solve problems, starting from new points of sight is the only chance to build a better future. I think European citizenship can take great strength from a network as Eurotowns, made by people working for the lives of their neighbors.



Lanfranco de Franco, was born is 21 years old. He is graduated at High School Ariosto in Reggio Emilia. He is currently a student of law at the University of Bologna and member of “Collegio Superiore”. He is keens on music and politics, He was represented for the student at High School and at the University.

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