Europe 2020: attracting top industries

Annex to the General Assembly of Eurotowns, Schiedam organized a side-event connected to the EU2020 strategy.  The symposium  was called “The return of the maritime industry – Schiedam model to attract top industries”. This symposium focused on the top industries. How do medium sized cities relate to top industries? How can win-win situations be created?  Schiedam has a long lasting history with maritime industry.

Different points of view regarding the history, challenges and opportunities of this industry were exchanged. There were more than 80 participants at the symposium, 25 of them from 13 different Eurotowns cities from 8 different countries. The Eurotowns members had the exclusive opportunity to visit one of Schiedam’s top maritime industries, Huisman, worldwide lifting, drilling and subsea solutions.


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