Enter Hub

The Final Event will be held in Reggio Emilia (Italy) the 26th and 27th of February.
The City of Reggio Emilia, Ulm and Girona members of Eurotowns are partner of the project!
ENTER.HUB promotes the role of railway hubs/multimodal interfaces of regional relevance in medium cities as engines for integrated urban development and economic, social and cultural regeneration.
ENTER.HUB, aims at developing innovative planning tools enhancing urban planning and city policies in order to reach a sustainable urban and territorial development thanks to the strengthening and widening of the railway systems, particular by exploiting the economic, cultural and social inducts of railway hubs of regional relevance.
The core part of the event will be a round table where the 12 ENTER.HUB partners will exchange with experts about the six definitions for a High Speed Hub in a Medium-sized City proposed by the Lead Expert: An Urban Icon; an Urban Backbone; a Place for all Stakeholders and Users; a Network of Services; a Red Carpet; a City Lounge.
Jean-Jacques Terrin (ENTER.HUB Lead Expert) Jacques Ferrier (french architect and urban planner) and Franco La Cecla (italian anthropologist and architect) will illustrate these keywords and discuss them with the participants.
To register for the event, please e-mail to enter.hub@municipio.re.it, before the 23rd of February.

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