Creative and Cultural Sector Growth Task Team meeting in Gavle (Sweden) 5/6 March 2015

Development of the city identity and cultural environment through the creative and cultural sector.

Thank to the contributions collected in the last months since initial partnership meeting in Hastings, the City of Hastings led of the Cultural Sector Growth Task Team relaunch the cooperation among the partner and with the support of the Municipality of Gavle is organizing a meeting in Gavle (5/6 March 2015)

The common priority, identified is the development of the city identity and cultural environment through the creative and cultural sector (e.g. to stimulate economic growth, promote social inclusion).  This was followed by developing models for business support and then developing workspaces and then engagement of young people.  You can find the final spreadsheet attached.

From these results the led City of the Task Team would like to propose that the main focus/theme/objective of this partnership is to develop our cities identity and cultural environment through the creative and cultural sector. How we each go about doing this may be different and this may pull in some of the other activities, such as business support, workspaces and young people. These are the areas and potential work packages that are discussing in the meeting in Gavle.

Additionally we have had a proposal from Jyväskylä in Finland that we develop ecological, social and economic sustainability through this partnership with resource wise creative actions aiming towards sustainable well-being.  Indeed it is probable that this can be a sub activity under the main theme.

The result of the meeting will published in the next days.

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