Child poverty & Volunteers – Eurotowns task team

The Social Inclusion Task team met in Sindelfingen in Germany the 5th of March to discuss Child Poverty & Volunteers.

The participants came from Eskilstuna (Sweden), Helmond (the Netherlands), Schiedam (the Netherlands) and Sindelfingen (Germany). Also the city Pforzheim (Germany), participated as a special guest, invited by Sindelfingen, since they are considering an application, for membership in Eurotowns.

Leonie Hulshof, Schiedam, reported from the conference “Poverty and Inequality” organized by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the European Commission, in February in Strasbourg. The conference discussed the subject of poverty and inequality in societies of human rights, with participants from different backgrounds, bringing together institutional actors, researchers, activists, associations, and networks, as well as people living in poverty and precariousness.

The Task Team partipants presented the current situation in their cities and tried to identify main challenges and jewels.

In summary, the following was stated

  • How can we influence parents in making right decisions?
  • How can we empower children the strength to take care of themselves
  • How can we involve the children?
  • We need a systematic approach

The participants decided that Birgitta Berg, Eskilstuna together with Leonie Hulshof, Schiedam, will make a proposal for the next step in the field of child poverty and volunteering.

Another topic of the meeting dealt with “drop outs” and the issue of “miss-matching” between education and labor market. The Task Team agreed that special attention on these issues could be of added value. It would be interesting to connect these youth-related issues also to volunteering.


Sjors Peeters, Helmond, will invite representatives from Hasselt and Schiedam, to a meeting before the summer to discuss miss-matching and drop outs and suggest a next step.

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