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“On Tour for Europe”

The project “On Tour for Europe” was ended in march 2017 , within the Europe for Citizens program (Strand 2: Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation 2.2: Network of Towns) that saw the lead partner, the City of Hasselt, exchanging experiences with the cities of Reggio Emilia, Saint-Omer, Abegondo, Schiedam, Detmold, […]

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TT Mobility of Eurotowns members in Gävle on 27-28 september

During the last week of september the members of the taskteam mobility met each other in Sweden. Mobility experts from Eskilstuna, Girona, Gävle and Hasselt shared their knowledge about local biking policy, with a special focus on monitoring of cyclists in the city. The cities of Ulm, Schiedam, Reggio Emilia […]


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Register now for the European Week of Regions and Cities 2017!

Registrations for the European Week of Regions and Cities are now open: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/opendays/od2005/conf/EUweek2017/fo/SearchWorkshop.do?doAction=resetSearchWorkshopsDialog

Colleagues Gerard Mayol from Sabadell and Maria Mercè Teixidor and Sílvia Sancho from Girona attending the Interreg Europe Workshop for 2nd Call selected projects’ leader.

Eurotowns cities of Sabadell and Girona, Reggio Emilia and Gävle approved projects on Interreg Europe 2nd Call!

Following the decision of the Interreg Europe Monitoring committee, 66 Projects were approved under 2nd Call of Interreg Europe. The Eurotowns community has been very successful and four cities of the Network – Sabadell, Girona, Reggio Emilia and Gävle – will participate in two approved projects.

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On Tour for Europe is heading for EU-value

On Tour for Europe, the EfC project supported by Eurotowns, is heading for EU-value. The September conference is honoured by a message from Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility and the presence of at least 5 MEP’s: Mr Belet (B), Mr van Nistelrooij (Nl), Anneliese […]

Connecting Europeans

Let’s Fly the Flag of Europe – 28/07/2016

You are invited to sign in at web www.connectingeuropeans.eu and to show the European flag in some way at the Town Hall on the last Thursday of July – 28/07/2016. The idea is coming from the Finnish town Joensuu: to have a spontaneous European day at grass-root level to support […]


Open Days – Eurotowns workshop – Proceedings

The report on the Open Days 2015 is available now!

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3 EUROTOWNS cities involved in a Europe for Citizens funded project

OTE: On tour for Europe – Bringing youth step by step to active citizenship and job-creation


Light in the city in Eskilstuna

The City of Eskilstuna and the City of Jyväskylä have the great pleasure to invite you to “Light in the City”, an international lighting branch conference organized in the framework of the Light in the City project



The Municipality of Reggio Emilia is looking for participants for an Erasmus+ project proposal under the strand Not for Profit Sport Events

10th Jornada AMTU (AMTU conference) April 8th 2014 City of Sabadell

The event, which begins at 8.45 am and is scheduled to end at 14.30, will be followed by the usual lunch for all participants. This year, we will discuss about how the crisis affects to mobility, project ZeEUS will be presented and “Open Data” and “gamification” public transport cases will […]