Strategic Policy Group met in Brussels

Successful Strategic Policy Group meeting in Brussels at the representation of Baden-Württemberg to the EU in order to discuss the importance of medium-sized cities in future cohesion policy. Thank you to our host for the hospitality and to all speakers and participants for the fruitful debate and valuable inputs.

Signing of Cohesion Alliance and meeting with the President of the CoR

Our President, Christian Gangl, and our Vice-President, Serena Foracchia, signed yesterday officially the Cohesion Alliance for the Eurotowns Network at CoR. They were welcomed by the President of the CoR, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, in order to discuss together how to increase the involvement of medium-sized cities in the future cohesion policy.

Succesful application for session at European Week of Regions and Cities 2018!

We can proudly announce that our application for a session at the 16th European Week of Regions and Cities 2018 has been accepted.

Title of the session: “The power of youth participation in medium-sized cities”!

The City of Schiedam, together with Eurotowns, the European network for medium-sized cities, aims at hosting a workshop about the importance of youth participation in urban development issues within Europe’s medium-sized cities. Ahead of the European elections in 2019, the workshop will showcase several projects from different European medium-sized cities which illustrate the basically necessary strategies for youth participation and their link with the Urban Agenda.

Eurotowns’ speakers are looking forward to seeing you in October in Brussels.


Halmstad has a population of about 98,000 and is located in one of Sweden’s most expansive regions.Varberg is situated on the west coast of Sweden in the county of Halland connecting Oslo and Gothenburg with Malmö and Copenhagen.

The city of Halmstad is more than 700 years old and is rich in history. Until 1658 the city was part of Denmark. Halmstad has a mixture of old and new buildings, and the Nissan river divides the city into an eastern and a western part.
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Solingen is home to about 160.000 inhabitants. The city is located in the federate state of North Rhine- Westphalia (NRW) in the western part of Germany, about 35 km northeast of Cologne and about 30 km southeast of Düsseldorf, the capital of NRW. The airports Cologne/Bonn and Düsseldorf are just a 30 minute drive away. Continue reading…


Location and population

Detmold is located in the area of East Westphalia-Lippe in the north of the state North Rhine- Westphalia. With a population of 73.000 Detmold is the largest city in the county Lippe. Situated next to the Teutoburger Wald/ Eggegebirge you can also find the famous Hermanns Denkmal. The city region of Detmold stretches over 129 km² and is divided into 27 districts. Continue reading…