European knowledge networks: to benefit your local priorities

Schiedam presents Eurotowns on national meeting for municipalities in the Netherlands.

Gävle host ECOMM 2013

The Municipality of Gävle, is proud host of ECOMM 2013 – the 17th European Conference on Mobility Management on May 29-31, 2013.

Eurotowns: a network for citizens

I attended Eurotowns meeting in Schiedam, last 23-25 October, as a simple and young citizen of Reggio Emilia, 170 000 inhabitants in the north of Italy.

The new strategy of the network

The City of Schiedam hosted the annual General Assembly of Eurotowns Network for 2012. Also this year the majority of the members (13 of 16 cities were represented at the meeting) attend the General Assembly in Schiedam.

Europe 2020: attracting top industries

Annex to the General Assembly of Eurotowns, Schiedam organized a side-event connected to the EU2020 strategy.  The symposium  was called “The return of the maritime industry – Schiedam model to attract top industries”.

Represent the interests of small and medium sized cities

On 24 October, the city of Schiedam hosted the General Assembly of Eurotowns. We interviewed the President of the network, Paolo Gandolfi “Small and medium sized cities can represent their interests by using this network for lobbying in the EU as well as at the national level”